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Jessica Beth
22. Australian. Orthodox Christian. Photos of me.
Happily in a relationship.
BCI (Music), currently studying Law.
Music lover/supporter, and aspiring IP/Entertainment Lawyer.
One day I want to call Nashville home.

Happened to be running an errand in the city so I got to see my beloved @nicolerh22 before she goes back to WA (we didn’t get a photo). And we got to see our talented friends too @thefergies @kahliabrooke @amyyyrobyn

Yesterday I had the greatest time picnicking on the other side of Mt Glorious with friends @lostinwishfulthinking @cesarsphotothing @brittneyawyzio @biancablades - photo credit to @brittneyawyzio (double tag)

All my adventures seem to involve my talented friend by the name of Hannah (Lost In Wishful Thinking, most amazing website - 

Last time it was lunch, coffee, antique shops, candy stores and photo shoots in Maleny (see photos at above website), this time it was a picnic in White Cedar Park, on the other side of Mt Glorious. It was a glorious day!

P.S. This is a photo from our shoot in Maleny. There are many more photos, but I have posted about it before, so I decided not to double up.

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Time to see my favorite boys playing in my favorite band at The New Globe (with my bro who is also favorite) @outliersband #livemusic#outliers#outliersband

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Now that exams are over, I can read again (as in read non-textbooks). Guess what I reading? #lawlife #examsareover #reading #guess

@outliersband were on @b105 tonight. Totally dig City, always have… I’ll have it stuck in my head for the next week now, happily. Bed time now #b105 #samanddom #outliersband #city #favesong

@outliersband will be on B105 at 10pm tonight - have a listen, show some support and left them know what you think. So proud #b105 #outliersband #rock #city #music #outlierscity #brisbane #radio

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one of the greatest movies.

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Bridesmaids dresses paid for and ordered - CHECK

Today we went to the pretty-formal-briadal-dress-shop to finalise bridesmaids dresses for my cousin’s wedding. I think in total my cousin must have went on at least 5 trips to look at dresses between different trips with the 4 bridesmaids - there would be more trips I don’t know about. Epic, right?

Our dresses are completely awesome and the colour is to die for! My cousin wanted us all to feel super comfortable in what we were wearing, so she picked a few options, and we went with dresses that are all in a different style (in the same range so they all match). So lovely. We have the best bride-to-be ever.

Thoughts Every Law Student Has at Some Point





I don’t think you understand how much I had to reblog this being a law student who loves all three of these tv shows.

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