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Jessica Beth
22. Australian. Orthodox Christian. Photos of me.
Happily in a relationship.
BCI (Music), currently studying Law.
Music lover/supporter, and aspiring IP/Entertainment Lawyer.
One day I want to call Nashville home.


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I remember that time when my friend Moni and I bought fish, and really cool large vases for them to live in.  I loved Maverick, but then he died.

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Such a lovely photo of a daddy wearing a BabyHawk Mei Tai. (via Mothering’s Father’s Day Contest)

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In the #90s waist twisting discs were in #fashion, but my family has continued to use ours to this day. I finally found where I could buy one, so mum and I can now twist together. #nostalgia #trends #exercise #waisttwistdiscq

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I remember the feeling, flying into Nashville airport, after 22 hours of travelling, being so tired, but so excited to get of that plane and start an adventure.

I can’t wait to experience that feeling again.

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After lent…

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Les Beehive – Scarlett Johannson by Vincent Peters for Esquire, November 2013

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lol grammar puns

I laughed too much at this

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Have you heard of Ban Bossy? It’s the new initiative from Lean In and the Girl Scouts that’s trying to ban “bossy” and similar words that are used to bring down girls that are ambitious, take risks, and speak up. By changing the way we treat girls who lead, hopefully our generation will someday see more women in leadership roles. 

You can watch the 1:00 video with Beyonce, Jane Lynch, Condeleeza Rice, and Jennifer Garner here, or visit the Ban Bossy website

Any girl who got called ‘bossy’ in school/life for being driven and goal-orientated will understand this.

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